ClipnStow for Tandem

Price: $34.95
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For Tandem Series pumps.

The Tandem ClipnStow is designed just for the Tandem Series pumps.

Hangs Horizontally with a clear window for viewing and bolusing.

All tubing stays inside case. Room on inside of case for tubing connector too. No tubing exposed.

Tandem ClipnStow hangs approx 4.5" from waistband.

You can't even see the tubing, its great!!


Tubing runs thru case  then over the soft webbing and stays out of the way.

 Once you run tubing thru back of case, close velcro flap and put it in clip to keep tubing going straight up into the waistband.

Than clip it to anything! You will love this case!!

Made of a soft Leatherette, cleans up with a damp cloth.