About Us

UNIQUE INSULIN PUMP ACCESSORIES specializes in products, education and support for people with diabetes wearing insulin pumps. All of our products are designed by insulin pump users. We offer lots of different alternatives to help you wear your pump comfortably, privately and successfully


A Moment of Reflection:

"I remember when the training consultant came to my house and trained me how to use the pump, as she left, I said, 'Oh by the way, where do I put it?' She yelled from her car, 'Just put it in your pocket.' I said, 'OK' After I closed the front door, I looked down at my outfit which didn’t have any pockets and said to myself, "What have I done? This is going to be a bumpy ride !!'"


 I personally believe that if I could create products for people to wear their pump COMFORTABLY FIRST, PRIVATELY SECOND, they would wear it SUCCESSFULLY FOREVER! This is why Unique Accessories was created. A small dream evolving into a small business/