Education & Support

Education and Support

You might be saying to yourself, “there is no way I will ever find a place to hide my pump”. Now, EVERYONE will know I have diabetes. There goes my privacy! Where will I put it when I go to work or school. How will I exercise? What about all those fancy parties I attend? Now I won’t be able to go.… I will be imprisoned by this little machine.

Oh whoa is me!

Well, I guess you could look at it that way, but why? Think about all the positive things your pump is going to do for you and your health. Don’t you think a “tiny” inconvenience, is worth having a wonderful, exciting, long, life?

Remember, all new things are difficult in the beginning. Your biggest hurdle will be getting used to being attached to something. Keep a positive attitude to get you through the first few weeks. Just tell yourself, this is going to work, AND IT WILL!. Once you find a few comfortable places to wear your pump, that fit into your lifestyle, you will be on your way. You will totally forget it’s there. Guaranteed.

Hopefully, you will find a few items in our brochure, to get you started. Pick out something for sleep, work/school and play. After a few weeks, you will figure out where it’s most comfortable for you.

Ask other pumpers too. They have probably already gone through it and would be happy to give you some good ideas. You can also call us or email us with any questions. We have all been there and are glad to discuss ideas!

Congratulations, this will be the most significant thing you will ever do for yourself. It will change your life in ways you can’t even imagine. Good luck!