Price: $34.95

We have designed a new case similar to our ClipnGo. The ClipnStow has a vinyl window for viewing pump info and bolusing.

   The ClipnStow comes with a swivel clip so you can wear the front sleek black case showing or the vinyl window displaying your pump.


The ClipnStow is designed with an interior pocket to carry your license, Credit cards and cash right inside the pump case.

Now you can carry your pump and all your stuff right inside the ClipnStow.


Made of a soft Leatherette, cleans up with a damp cloth. We have positioned the case so your pump hangs a certain way for easy viewing.

The ClipnStow is designed with enough room to run your tubing back inside the case so tubing stays secure and exits out by clip.



The ClipnStow hangs vertically and attaches to ANY attire. It's like nothing else out there. Your going to LOVE IT!